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Why B&Q Dredging | B&Q Dredging

Why B&Q Dredging

On any job function, B&Q Dreding deploys a unique combination of local and foreign professionals to deliver excellent and cost?effective solutions to problems. Our policy of involving best available locals, in all trades with rigorous supervision provides us with the enabling working environment without compromising on quality. Influential stakeholders are ably represented on the Board of Directors.

Our intention is not only to expand our business volume, but to grow our employees, clients and host communities, encourage and assist them reach their full potentials and improve their standard of living.

It is our policy and continuing objective to exceed our clients expectation by providing quality services, which not only meets statutory, technical and contractual requirements, but are also quality consistent.

We are fully committed to the technological details and processes required for growth, optimizing local content in all aspects of our business activities as we possess the competence and resources needed to deliver world class PROJECT solutions.



Foremost Nigerian Dredging Company with
International Posture