B&Q DREDGING Limited maintains offices and marine facilities with large workshop and work?area for open air storage, sensitive items storage, and above ground storage tanks (AST) with adequate security of personnel and equipment. Our offices and yards are linked with astrongITinfrastructure which supports 24 hour access to information via our intranet and the internet.

Our equipment base being one of the best in the country enables us meet the challenges of our
 projects no matter their size, location or terrain.

Some of the major equipments owned by B&Q Dredging Limited include:

Major Equipment
IHC Beaver 300 Dredgers, 12" 
IHC Beaver 1200 Dredger, 18"
IHC Beaver 6265 C, 26" 
IHC Beaver 3300, 26"
KOPKE 22"  / 20" Suction Dredger
IPCO Cutter Dredger, 24" 
Booster Station, 2 No. (One is 20" and the other is 26") 
Several Multi Craft Support Vessel 
MC 1400 
MC 1200 
MC 1000 
D 1204 3 NDamen 1204, 3 No. 
Damen 1405, 2 No. 
Damen 1506, 2 No. 
250 tons Lima Crane (bcket dredger)      - 1 No
130 tons American Crane (bucket dredger) - 2 No
90 tons American Crane (bucket dredger)  - 3 No




Foremost Nigerian Dredging Company with
International Posture